Low Friction Innovation or Barbarian Hacking

Thanks to Cam for passing me the link to Hacking the Non-Disposable Planet

It's a bit of a read, but I found it very interesting.  My general take-away was that what we call low friction innovation he calls hacking and others call barbarian technology.  And that it may all be good for our survival.

UAS (aka Drones) For Good in 2022 #3

Been reading Wired for War; great book so far.  Also been passed this story by multiple sources, and I figured why reinvent the wheel for #3.  Some (including me) would argue how much "good" comes from aerial deliver of Tacos.  However, the ever evolving list in my head included delivering critical meds via this method, so just replace tacos with meds.


Metanomy News Tracker

In an effort to try to keep up with some of the latest news related to our mission we have started the Metanomy News Tracker.  We have started with UAS/UAV news and expect to add more feeds and channels over the next few weeks.


UAS (aka Drones) For Good in 2022 #2

  #2 in my top ten list of things to do with your UAS in 2022...

  Major weather events are still on the rise around the globe.  Politicians continue to debate over whether the trend is an unfortunate turn in climate variability or may be human-induced.  Lobbyists mobilize to help find scientists who can inform the debate.

UAS (aka Drones) For Good in 2022

I like to build things, and help other people build things, that can help in our mission.  These things we build are tools and not complete solutions to any particular problem.  Like any other tool they require people to use them.  And just like any other tool, they can be used for ill or good.  I am sure there is some very zen quote about yin yang I could butcher here, but don't think we need to go there.  It should be obvious.  Apparently it's not.

Culture Shock or opportunity

I had an awesome stay at Metanomy, and learnt many new things, including innovative ways to adopt to my circumstances. Having travelled before I never suffer culture shock as is suffered conventionally upon my return to sunny Nairobi. But I do miss the tools in Coby's basement and garage! But those are excuses! To the shed for some development!

The Three Laws

Given our current focus on The Flying Thing and the recent OpEd by Peter Singer over at NYT , I thought it important to note an internal ethical debate we have had around the shop.  In short, we are adopting the Three Laws as part of our values statement.  I prefer not to get into a political debate about the use of suAS/drones in combat, so let's just say we do not support any use of our technology (drones or otherwise) that violates the Three Laws: 

First Week @Metanomy

It has been a week and I realise I have so much to learn. It is easy to do a few searches, find the hardware and essentially whatever resources you need, but the issue is putting it all together and making it work.

First Two days @ Metanomy Inc

I arrived in Denver on 15th January after a SHORT trip (34 hours only, not much!!)

My host has been most hospitable and I have been welcomed into their home and taken care off. Thanks!

Coby showed me Fort Collins and we got to sit and think about the demo. What's there to think about? A lot! In additional to functionality, we need aesthetics as well (otherwise we would all be driving box shaped cars and that would be the only universally accepted design for a car! :-) ), which of course means careful consideration, although of course this has been our last consideration.

Views of the future

A new year, and the Flying Thing project is in good health :-)

Late last year we (Cameron & I) had a meeting with the Kenya Willdife Service and they indicated their interested in seeing our capabilities. Towards this end I will be making a presentation in early February. This demonstration will help in requirements gathering of what a suitable platform would be, what the expectations are, and to iron out any assumptions we may have made along the way. This will therefore greatly help us to build working platforms for use in conservation.

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