Providing research and resources related to the use of technology in support of social and environmental advancement...[more]
Providing research and resources related to the use of technology in support of social and environmental advancement...[more]
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Guide Device for the Visually Impaired: Haptic and Audio Augmented Navigation Device

Work commenced on the guide device for the visually impaired the HAAND (Haptic and Audio Augmented Navigation Device) late January, and is still ongoing. The initial feedback from working with persons with visual impairment was as follows:

1. The initial prototype was bulky. It had a laptop strapped to it for compute muscle, good for research, bad for usability. We therefore begun to rethink things, and miniaturize it so it becomes acceptable.

Conservation Drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems)

This short clip run on a local TV station in Nairobi Kenya,

Clip  Correction: Innovation, not invention. But the message is good

Two KWS officers killed by poachers' fire in Tana River County

Two Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers have been killed in two separate gunfights with suspected poachers while responding to a poaching incident in Kipini Conservancy in Tana River County yesterday (Thursday, July 18, 2013). A poacher was also killed in one of the incidents.

An AK47 rifle, three rifle magazines and 208 rounds of ammunitions were recovered in the incident.


Source: Kenya Wildlife Service,

Haptic and Audio Augmented Navigation Device, HAAND

After a month long adventure visiting with Metanomy, we've worked on various concepts and projects and had a lot of fun.

Our primary concern was developing an initial prototype for the Augmented Guidance Project, Good with acronyms, Coby came up with HAAND, Haptic and Audio Augmented Navigation Device, which is very descriptive of what the device does.

IEEE's Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS) award

The proposal for a project titled “Delivering Educational Content To Visually Impaired Persons Using Low-Cost Devices” has been approved for funding by the EPICS Initiative Team. For more information about EPICS, please follow these links: and

A new project is taking shape

For a long time I've been experimenting on assist technology for Visually Impaired persons, and built a concept paper and prototype for a proposal of how such a thing might work. The National Council for Science and Technology, NCST, which is the Government of Kenya's advisor on science, technology and innovation matters as well as research ( has awarded a grant towards this end to explore a working prototype based on the design and research thus far done.

Poachers Killing elephants in Nairobi

After the spectacular event held at the Oshwal Centre in Westlands, Nairobi, (the East Africa ICT Summit) I've gotten a number of calls from various people. It was interesting to note what issues people raise up when they hear of "drones" or "UAVs", the more know terms for this technology (I'm with Coby for the use of "UAS" to more descriptively place this technology as a system worth of its own eco system and planning, but I digress)....

Exhibiting a UAS at the AITEC ICT Summit - East, West and Southern Africa

Thanks to IEEE for inviting me to exhibit some of the UAS platforms I've been working on at the AITEC East Africa ICT Summit... The Hon. Samuel Poghisio, E.G.H., M.P, Minister for Information and Communications checks out one fitted with a camera, an auto-pilot and a ground based system to receive the video; uses include monitoring wildlife, forests, name it.

Cloth Bird

So I've been upto a lot in the recent past (?) and Voilà!

Basically, software development and numerous meetings, but always making room for fun. In my spare time, I built this: A cloth based wing. Flies, as someone I know so rightly puts it, like a pig! Video to follow.

More pics & news shortly!

Fairly Balanced UAS Coverage

It does not happen much, but I think we managed to get a short story from the media that was fairly balanced.  Well played PRI.  Still managed to put "drone" in the title though.

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